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Yahoo group- turned forum- turned community. Yeah, we're that indecisive.

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Syster Syte Sprytes (known here as 'Sprytes') is a LiveJournal community where webmasters/mistresses can get together and just talk. Topics usually go away from the web area, and we all just talk about life. So yeah, just grab something to eat and just hang out. We're bored anyway.

officials: corinn(founder) rebmastu(CEO/Spryte enforcer) melfra(web admin)

  1. No flaming. All vicious arguments (without reason) are to be held privately, so everyone else doesn't have to deal with your idiocy.
  2. spam posts are strictly prohibited. The term spam, in this context, refers to any plugs, one-liners, and any other stuff that can be deemed, in any way, shape or form, a waste of time.
  3. Keep all posts to a pg-13 maximum. No explicitly sexual content (although the discussion of such is perfectly fine. We just don't want to hear about your recent escapades, if you catch my drift.)
  4. Any post that is long enough to require additional scrolling when onscreen must be contained within an LJ cut. The text for the cut is < lj-cut>. Alternatively, text can be used by altering the tag to read < lj-cut text="text"> (note - remove the spaces at the start of each tag)
  5. All images must be placed under LJ cuts. The only exception is when the image is 200x200 pixels or smaller. However, a succession of images, such as icons, must be placed under a cut, no matter the circumstance.

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